giovedì 9 luglio 2009

Open Commission

Ladies and Gentlemen, the commissions are open!
Give vent to your perversions! ...but not too much...ò___ò

Actually I can only use digital coloration, but if it's about pencil sketches I can send you the original copy (with potential dedication...ò___*)
Concerning to a digital file I can save it in the best size(jpg/tiff/ecc.) for your needs. The copy posted on deviantART will not have the same resolution.
The price is tractable according to the requested subject and to the size. (I don't realized wall paintings of 3X3 size... ...ò___ò...)

- The payment of the expedition will be included in the price-

E-mail: can post here your requests


Signore e Signori, le Commission sono aperte!
Date sfogo alle vostre perversioni! ...non eccessivamente magari... ò___ò

Attualmente dispongo solamente di colorazione digitale, ma per quanto riguarda gli sketch a matita, posso spedire l'originale (con eventuale dedica...ò___*)
Per quanto riguarda i file digitali, posso salvarli nel formato a voi più comodo per eventuali stampe, ecc. 
Il lavoro che verrà postato su deviant non avrà la medesima risoluzione.
Il prezzo è trattabile a seconda del soggetto e del formato richiesto. (Non realizzo affreschi su muro di 3X3... ...ò___ò...)

-Il pagamento di spedizione verrà compreso nel prezzo del lavoro-

E-mail: can post here your requests

2 commenti:

  1. Hey Filippo!

    I'll give this one last try - how'd you like part of your RE-MAKE page 20 to be in a book I'm working on? It's an anthology where 50 authors write one text each about what a film character is doing today. One text is about Linda Lovelace from Deep Throat and I want to use your picture to illustrate the text.

    Please hit me back! I'd love to use your painting, it's pretty amazing. And I'll of course send you a copy of the book as soon as it's ready.

    All the best,